Zeta for DOS

Zeta for DOS provides a text mode semi-graphical user interface to zeta potential calculation routines similar to those provided by the Zeta Library. Many of its user interface features resemble those found in Zeta for Windows. It is the oldest project in the Zeta family and is developed independent of the development of Zeta Library and applications which use it. Therefore, it usually gives less precise results than the newer programs, which use Zeta Library.

The 1.01 release fixes several serious bugs found in version 1.0 and changes the license to GPL (previous versions were freeware but not open source). Currently, development of Zeta for DOS has been almost stopped, since all work is dedicated into development of the new Zeta programs, which use Zeta Library, and of the Library itself.

There is a mailing list for Zeta for DOS users. If you subscribe, you will receive messages when new versions are released. To subscribe or unsubscribe, please go to this page.

Zeta for DOS is free software distributed under the terms of GNU GPL.

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