History of Zeta

The program Zeta was originally developed as an application for DOS, with a Polish user interface. In order to allow users from other countries to use it, an English version was created and released as Zeta 1.0 (the help file was still in Polish, though). After some time, a new project was started, aimed at writing a similar program available for many different platforms and operating systems.

"New Zeta" provides similar calculation routines as Zeta for DOS (most of them are extended versions of the original routines). However, the project has been divided into several subprojects, one of which is Zeta Library - a C++ library providing the most important calculation routines. Apart from the library, separate projects have been started to create user-friendly front-ends for it. These include Zeta Command Line (a text only user interface for Linux/UNIX and Windows) and Zeta for Windows (a graphical user interface for Win95 and up). Zeta for DOS is also still available.

The licensing has also been changed. Whereas Zeta for DOS 1.0 was freeware, but not open source, all parts of the new Zeta project are free software, licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL (General Public License).

Release History of "new Zeta"

08/19/02First public release - the 0.8 Alpha version
08/24/02Zeta for DOS 1.01 - some bug fixes and new licensing (GPL)

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