Download libzeta

Version 0.9.1 is out

This is a bugfix release. Starting with 0.9.0, libzeta can be compiled on Linux and other UNIX-like systems.

The Zeta project, of which libzeta / Zeta library is a part started out as a project for the Windows / DOS platform. Thus, older versions of libzeta (the 0.8.x branch), called Zeta Library at that time, were meant to be compiled with MS Visual C++ and to run on Windows. Now, with Linux having become my operating system of choice for both server and desktop use, I started the 0.9.x branch, targeted at users of Linux and other UNIX-like systems. To reflect the change, I also changed the name to libzeta.

Note for Windows users: while libzeta 0.9.x can be compiled in Windows, Zeta for Windows normally uses version 0.8.x. Windows users are thus encouraged to download the newest release from the 0.8.x branch for easier installation.

Zeta Command Line, a command line utility for calculating zeta potentials using libzeta should be available withing a short time.

Download the sources: libzeta-0.9.1.tar.gz

Download Zeta Library 0.8

Download this version if you want to use libzeta on Windows.

zeta-lib-0.8-dll.zipThis file contains zeta.dll, the dynamic library needed by Zeta for Windows. You need to download this file if you downloaded the exe-only version of Zeta for Windows (
zeta-lib-0.8-src.zipSource code in .zip format
zeta-lib-0.8-src.tgzSource code tarball (.tar.gz)

To be able to download both the newest and the older versions, go to the Files section of Zeta's pages.

You can obtain the newest version of the source code from the Zeta CVS. Logo This page is hosted by
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