Zeta for Windows

Zeta for Windows is a Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP application providing user-friendly access to all zeta potential calculating functions featured by Zeta Library. The program has a graphical user interface (see screenshots) integrating a text editor for input data and a set of intuitive menus for setting up the calculation (see the Getting started section for information on configuring Zeta for Windows).

Input data is a standard text file format, with 1 to 4 space- or tab-delimited data columns (see zeta file formats for details). Format of the calculation results can easily be personalized with the Calculation results format dialog box. Zeta for Windows also imports and exports parameter sets and device settings in standard zeta file formats (this is done in the appropriate dialog boxes, where the values of parameters can be modified).

Zeta for Windows uses Zeta Library in a dynamic DLL library. This library (zeta.dll) is necessary in order for Zeta for Windows to function properly. Depending on whether you compile the sources or download binaries, you might have to download the library in a separate package. Please read the notes in the download section when you download Zeta for Windows.

There is a mailing list for Zeta for Windows users. If you subscribe, you will receive messages when new versions are released. To subscribe or unsubscribe, please go to this page.

Zeta for Windows is free software distributed under the terms of GNU GPL.

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